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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Roofs

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Tile roofs are a wonderful choice for a beautiful and classy look for your home.  They have been around for many years, making a delightful presentation for your home.  With various types of roof tiles available, one can have the exact look they desire.  From flat tiles, imbrex, tegulas to pantiles you can choose what best suites your taste.

Advantages of a Tile Roof:

  • Classy Style:

Roof tiles are quite a sight to see.  They can transform your house into a wonderful masterpiece with the beauty they provide.  There are a variety of tile colors to choose from in order to deliver the perfect look.

  • Endurance:

Roof tiles have a long life expectancy.  They are known to last for 50 years, but have lasted longer.

  • Protection:

Tile roofs offer protection against insect boring and rotting, which also helps to promote further longevity.

  • Provide Safety:

Tile roofs are made from a fire resistant material.  They are known to prevent a fire from starting on the home as well as a fire spreading from the neighbor’s home to yours.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofs:

  • Delicate:

It is not recommended to walk on the tile due to the possibility of it breaking.  Roof tile is known to be long-lasting, but it is wise to have a professional do any services or repairs because they are trained to walk on the tile properly.

  • Heavy:

Tile is known to be heavy.  Proper reinforcement needs to be made because of the weight of the roof.  Proper ventilation also needs to be installed because of the excessive heat in the summer.  This is a major drawback of getting a tile roof.

  • Maintenance:

Although tiles last for a long period of time, there is some maintenance required if one has a tile roof.  Every 20 years the materials where it is laid have to be replaced to avoid your roof from caving in.

A tile roof makes for such an exquisite presentation for your home.  One of the biggest problems with tile roofs is the underlayment paper and the proper ventilationJack the Roofer is the roofing expert with 18 years of experience and can assist with Replacement, Maintenance, Insurance Claims, Real Estate Transactions as well as Repair.


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