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Modified Bitumen Roof System

Flat RoofModified Bitumen is a shingle ply membrane that consists of asphalt and rubber. Installation is either a self-adhering (Peel n Stick), or thermo fused using a torch with heat welds (Torch Applied). The roof system is made up of a fiberglass base sheet fastened to the roof deck, and then the modified is heated using a torch which heats welds the system in place. The top surface of the membrane can be smooth or granular. This is considered a 2 ply system if you are counting the fiberglass base sheet.

Modified Bitumen is an excellent choice for high traffic roof areas. It has good flexibility for use in flashings or as a cap sheet in built up roof systems. The granular surface is available in many colors. It is very durable and ideal for flat or low sloped roofs or areas where it dies into a wall or low sloped valley. It is fairly inexpensive to restore if properly maintained.

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