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Tile Roofs

Tile Roof in PhoenixRoofing tiles can be fired at a high temperature or fabricated from cement concrete. The color of tile can vary, it can be dispersed throughout, or it may be applied in the form of a coating. The most brittle tile is Spanish style barrel tile made from fired clay. This roof system is made up of a layer or multiple layers of underlayment as a moisture barrier. Batons (which are wood strips) are used for concrete tile. These are fastened to the deck and the tiles are fastened to the batons.

Advantages: Fire Safety and durability. Tiles roofs have enhanced circulation compared to other types of roofs because they allow air to circulate above and below the roof system. Tile roofs can be the most attractive pitch roofs available.

Disadvantage: The underlayment is the real source of your protection. If not installed properly, the counter flashings, roof penetrations, and valley areas can be the source of many water entry points, which can be difficult to locate once they fail. The underlayment requires professional expertise and experience to be installed properly compared to other roof types like asphalt shingles.

Most of the valley’s spare tile or bone yards have been picked over and it may be difficult to match an existing tile like to like. Over the years we have accumulated an extensive inventory of hard to locate tile to accommodate most all of our repairs.

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