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Silicone Roof Coating System Phoenix Arizona

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A NEW protective silicone coating that will extend the life of your roof!

silicone-roof-coating-arizonaJack the Roofer is one of the first roofing companies in Phoenix to offer this revolutionary new product that is protecting virtually any kind of roof. Our new silicon protective coating will waterproof, seal, and maintain the roof for many years past it’s original warranty date. We’ve been leading the way in roofing solutions for over 19 years.
Jack the Roofer offers Fluid Applied Coatings and Roof Restoration for almost every roof allowing customers to avoid costly, time consuming and disruptive roof tear-offs and to reach their goal of achieving long term roof performance and the lowest roof life cycle cost.


Difference between new silicone coating and a old flat roof.

Our Silicone Roof Coating will provide a guaranteed solution for renewing your old worn out roof. Whether your roof is sloped, large, flat, or small Jack the Roofer can extend it’s life and protect against ultraviolet light and Arizona’s intense weather.

The advantages of applying a silicone coating to your roof:

  • A silicone coating creates a smooth surface that resist staining, mildew, and mold.
  • Just like a rubber knee pads will protect you body during a fall, a silicon coating will protect against severe monsoonal rain.
  • Unlike most current roofing material on the market, silicon wont crack, degrade, or chalk.

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