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Phoenix Roofing – 4 Warning Signs To Look Out For When Hiring A Roofing Company In Arizona.

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In the aftermath of a heavy Arizona storm is the time most people realize they need roof repairs or a whole new roof. If you’re waiting till you have a leak to fix your roof, you’re probably not taking the time to find a reputable roofer with the experience to handle your roofing project.
I’ve compiled a list of 4 warning signs to look out for when hiring a roofing company in Arizona.
1. The jack of all trades. Some companies out there will become temporary roofers because there is significant opportunity to make money. They might have an established business in Arizona but have little to no experience in repairing or replacing your roof. Or even worse, companies who are here today and gone tomorrow, who are unable and unwilling to service any kind of warranty they promised.
2. Roofing companies acting as Insurance Adjusters. Another thing to watch out for is when roofing contractors act as insurance adjusters and claim they can help homeowners negotiate or “work” their claim. This practice is illegal – a single company/person cannot act as both a homeowner’s roofer AND their insurance adjuster.
3. Telemarketers who sound like the actual roofing company. Sometimes they are really good, with their spoofed phone number matching your local area code. Even with your number on the Do-Not-Call list, these companies will ignore that list and come up with excuses why they’ve called to sell you a new roof. These companies don’t care who they sell their leads to. The only thing that matters is who’s willing to buy them and for how much.
4. Roofing companies asking for money up front. This could potentially be a warning sign. The elderly, in particular, are often targeted by scammers who get payment (partial or in full) upfront and then never return or complete the work.

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