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Arizona Rainy Season Causes Leaky Roofs

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The monsoon season is officially here in the hot state of Arizona.  While most of you will enjoy the cooling sensation brought on by the heavy monsoon rains, some of you will start to notice a tinkling sound in your hallway, kitchen or living room.  That tinkling sound may just be your roof letting you know that there is something bad about to happen.

A leaky roof usually starts with a small leak that when raining causes a tinkling sound that can be heard and eventually gets worse, causing thousands of dollars in damage to your foundation, furniture and valuables.  The most important step you can take when you here that tinkle is to call Jack the Roofer for a full roof inspection.  Jack the Roofer can come to your home and inspect your roof and go over the steps you can take to prevent further damage and to get the problem under control.

Call Jack the Roofer today before that tinkling sound gets worse and turns into a waterfall coming right through your living room.  Jack the Roofer has certified specialist who will patiently go through all of your options and help you get your roof under control in no time.

Rain causes leaky roof


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