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High Temperatures and Roof Damage

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The Valley of the Sun is known for extreme hot weather in the summer.  This not only can be a hazard for your health if not properly hydrated, but it can be a hazard for your roof as well.  According to ABC 15 News, extreme temperatures can make your roof expand and contractTile roofs in particular cause the underlying tar paper to dry out, which in turn makes it become brittle and cracked.  This is vital because it is the portion that is the barrier to prevent water from leaking into your house.

High Heat Causing Damage to Shingles

As the heat continues to rise throughout the hot summer days you may wonder what kind of an effect it truly has on your house and your roof in particular.  Heat continues to build in the attic making the temperatures rise even further.  Often the attic will not be properly ventilated, which makes this more of a problem.  When heat doesn’t have a place to go it will cause your shingles to crack and blister when making its way out.  The cracks can appear around the edges of the shingle, while blistering appears throughout the whole shingle.

High Temperatures can cause Damage to Roof Decks

When it comes to your roof deck, the heat can cause the plywood of your roof deck to become abnormal and even soften.  Using a glove, one can test the plywood with their hands.  If it is soft to the touch, this indicates a possible problem.  When it gets to this point having an inspection would be the next step to take.

Living in Arizona has many benefits, although the heat is a part of your life when living here.  Repairing or replacing your roof is a big ordeal when that time comes along.  Getting up on your roof and trying to figure out potential problems is not an easy task. There are various roofing companies out there and how does one know who to choose?  If there are indications that your roof may be affected by the heat, Jack the Roofer can give you an honest appraisal.  At Jack the Roofer, we are experts in all the various roofing systems within the valley.  With 18 years of experience, you will be sure to get superb service with Jack the Roofer.




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